Woe is me

Sunday, January 1, 2012

This had to be the worst New Years I've had in a long while. At least, this time I got to drive away and go home instead of being stuck in the same house in my bedroom crying.

Worst of it is? Not a single person gave a damn that I left. Why is this so hurtful? Cause 5-6 people from my FAMILY saw me take a cup that had at least 4 shots mixed in. Not only that, but my husband and my best friend had the same amount in their cups. Pete (my husband) said he barely took a sip, but I have never EVER allowed us to drink and drive. This was the only exception, I wanted to go home.

So, to start as to why my night was terrible, I'll tell you what happened.

There was this stray cat outside, cutest and most loveable motherfucker I've seen in those woods for a while. He was more than likely an abandoned cat, cause he wanted to go inside my mom's house really badly. Not to mention he was starving and it looks like he was healthy at one point in time but he started losing weight (I could feel his hip bones pretty good though his winter coat).. I was petting him for a good while, had to catch him after he made his way inside again, played with him some more, got my drink, played some more.. Well, when I was finally ready to go inside and eat, my best friend was acting like a child. He didn't want to come inside and mingle because my dad was supposedly giving him ugly looks. That, is another story. Let's just say that last year my dad took a swing at Troy when we were hanging out at the dinner table when I still lived with my parents.  (My dad has dementia)

Anywho. It was wearing my nerves pretty thin that he wouldn't come inside. It was pretty cold out for a Florida winter, he has a habit of disappearing and walking home. All I wanted was for my hubby, my best friend, and I to have a good new years together. I made him come with us specifically so he didn't have to spend new years alone, moping in his bedroom playing TF2 (Team Fortress 2). But no, he had to wait till I rage quit and wanted to go home. Note: I don't think it was even 9pm at this point.

So, I run inside to grab my things and sit in the car. But, the car doors were all locked. Lucky me. So, on my way to storming back in the house to get the keys to just drive off, one of my uncles chases off the cat by stomping and running after him. What. The. Fuck. No way that was going to fly with me, especially if the cat hasn't done a damned thing to anyone except be adorable and rub against you. So I few off the handle and swore his dumb ass down. Seriously, how the fuck would he feel if someone 50 times larger than him came up and started stomping at him and chasing him down? He wouldn't like it. Especially if it was someone he didn't know. I mean, I stomped at the cat a few times but only because he kept trying to sneak into my mom's house. Whenever you went to walk away from the cat, he would dash. Literally, DASH to the door, to make sure he can sneak in. I only did it to make sure he knew he wasn't welcome inside, not to "play with him." Seriously, who does that to any animal you don't know?

Then, to top it off, my piece of shit biological father had to put his two sense in. As if I gave a rats ass about what he has to say. Then, he threatened to kick the cat if he saw him again? Mother fucker. I wanted to shoot him in the face right then and there. If I had a gun, I probably would have. NO ONE in my family is allowed to hurt an animal with me conscious of it. No. One. I'm going to give him a piece of my mind later today. Set things straight with that man. I'm done with him I don't want him even thinking I'm his daughter anymore. I never was, and never will be. He had his chance to shine, to be a father, instead he decided to chase down whatever nasty pussy he can lay his felon hands on.

I grabbed the cat, took him with us in the car and dropped him off about 3 blocks away.. I told him not to go back there, and go to Mrs. Ginnys house. I know, I was talking to a cat. But still. ): I hope he didn't go back there; I don't want to take any chances.

I haven't called my mom back, I haven't wanted to. They didn't give a damn that we had a drink then drove.. She doesn't need to know if I'm okay or not.

Worst of last night? I couldn't knit a damned thing cause I was so mad!! I started to crochett in the car, but the moon wasn't out and I had zero light to see my pattern.. And when I did? Me vs the Pattern and the pattern won. >.<


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